SBV Governor: Credit growth of 14% in 2019
State Bank Governor Le Minh Hung said that credit growth of 14% is adjusted flexibly according to macro environment, credit institutions that apply Basel II will be considered for higher credit growth targets.

(Updated at 10:51, 26/4/2018)
The Government requests the State Bank to continue operating effectively the monetary policy, interest rates and exchange rates combined with fiscal policy and other macro policies to control inflation, stabilize the economy.
(Updated at 17:0, 24/4/2018)
In four recent World Bank reporting periods, Vietnam's access to credit has improved significantly and remained stable in the group of 30 countries with the highest score.
(Updated at 15:16, 17/4/2018)
The State Bank of Vietnam requires that credit institutions and intermediaries providing payment services not to provide payment services, card transactions, etc. related to virtual currency transactions for customers.
(Updated at 8:49, 13/4/2018)
State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) said that Bitcoin and other similar virtual currencies are not lawful currencies and payment methods in Vietnam.
(Updated at 9:37, 13/3/2018)
Successful capital sales for foreign investors have brought in large amounts of foreign currency which in turn have boosted national foreign exchange reserves to a record high level.
(Updated at 16:0, 6/3/2018)
Allowing minors to operate bank cards will extend bank card ownership, encouraging them to become familiar with banking services, financial control tools, etc.
(Updated at 10:54, 1/3/2018)
The reduction of lending rates in 2018 is considered a central task by the State Bank of Vietnam.
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