Agribank heads to solicited ratings
(Updated at 18:0, 7/9/2018)
With a view to information transparency and preparation for equitization process, from 2018, Agribank will sign a contractual agreement for credit rating service with international credit rating agencies. 
Previously, Agribank has been under unsolicited ratings by international credit rating agencies. The latest unsolicited ratings for Agribank were announced on 22nd May 2018 by Fitch Ratings as below:

Long term Issuer Default Rating of 'BB-'; Stable Outlook;
Short term Issuer Default Rating of 'B';
Support Rating of '3';
Support Rating Floor of 'BB-'.

As Agribank is in the process of conducting necessary steps to move to a contractual agreement, it is expected that international credit rating agencies, including Fitch Ratings, will not continue to provide unsolicited ratings for Agribank and will switch to solicited ratings (if selected for future service).
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