Enterprise Customers
Syndicated loan
(Updated at 17:14, 6/7/2010)
Legal entities, private enterprises, cooperatives or companies with borrowing needs for business operations much larger than standard limits allowed by Agribank can apply to use “syndicated loan” of Agribank.

Main features


-          Currency: VND, foreign currencies

-          Maximum loan term: 12 months

-          Loan amount: customers must have equity participation of at least 10% of the total short term capital needs and of 20% of total medium to long term capital needs.

-          Interest: fixed, floating

-          Loan security: with or without assets as collateral, or by 3rd party guarantor

-          Lending method: single or multiple lending as requested by customers

-          Repayment of principle and interest: single or multiple principle payment, monthly repayment on interest or regular repayment as negotiated.


 Delivery channels


-          Direct mail, branches/transaction offices, ATM’s, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking


Technology applied

Agribank uses automated system (IPCAS) to track customer information, accounts, signatures, photos, amounts of interest payment, etc. with the highest security and accuracy.

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