Correspondent relationship establishment
(Updated at 15:13, 11/8/2010)
Correspondent banking establishment is the start of bilateral relation between Agribank and another bank by exchanging SWIFT CODE and the legal documents aiming at serving international payment activities.



-          To make the payment between banks (in the same country or not) more simple, rapid and effective.

-          The two banks can exchange and use the products and services of each other for mutual benefit.




-          Customers are request to send Agribank a set of legal document via mail together with a copy of SWIFT MT999 requesting for exchange of SWIFTKEY and establishment of correspondent relation with Agribank. The massage header must quote Agribank H/O’s SWIFT code.  - VBAAVNVX

Legal documents:


-          Operation registration.

-          Business licence

-          The decision to appoint the general director, chief accountant.

-          Business seal & specimen form of authorized signatures.

-          Annual report or the financial report audited by an international auditing organization (last 3 years).

-          Updated fees schedule




-          Free of charge

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