Enterprise Customers
Demand-deposit Account
(Updated at 16:21, 5/7/2010)
Domestic and foreign enterprises (established and operating under the provisions of laws) can choose to use Agribank “demand-deposit account” to do transactions without the deposit term, demand interest rate offered.

Main features

-    Term: demand-deposit
-    Currencies: VND, USD, EUR
-    Minimum balance: not required

-    Deposit: funds can be deposited at any Agribank branch/transaction office, or via funds transfer

-    Withdrawal: flexibility to withdraw money from this account by different means of payment

-    Fees:  according to the current Schedule of Fees and Charges of Agribank
-    Interest:
-    Interest: prevailing demand-deposit interest rate is applied or according to interest rate agreement with customers.

-    Interest payment: Interest will compound monthly and be credited to the account at the end of the month.



-     Make payments via bank (withdrawal, transfer, purchasing goods, etc.)
-     Overdraft facility permitted;

-          Can be drawn on by cash withdrawal from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), or by transfer to other accounts using Mobile Banking or Internet Banking, etc.


How to apply

Apply at Agribank branches/transaction offices, documents included:

-    Customer account information form

-    Account opening request
-    Valid ID or passport

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