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Step up time deposit
(Updated at 11:17, 9/7/2010)
Domestic and foreign enterprises (established and operating under the provisions of laws) can choose to use Agribank "step up time deposit”. This is a deposit product that offers customer the benefit of a long term deposit with the interest rate increasing with the actual time elapsed from the date of deposit, i.e. the longer the time elapsed, the higher the interest rates and so is the interest. However, this deposit product is made only when approved by the General Director for each specific customer on a case-by-case basis.

Main features

-    Term: maximum term: 36 months
-    Currencies: VND, USD and EUR
-    Minimum balance: VND 1,000,000, USD 100, EUR 100.
-    Deposit: One-off deposit at counter of branch/transaction office
-    Withdrawal: multiple withdrawals at counter of branch/transaction office

-         Fees: Penalty for early withdrawal apply (customer makes withdrawal within 07 working days from the deposit date or closes the passbook within 07 working days from the date of opening), service charges are according to the current Schedule of fees and charges of Agribank.

-    Interest: rates applicable at every step and be determined on the day of deposit


Interest structure:

 Step 1

   Term  < 3 month

 Step 2

   Term 3 – 6 months

 Step 3

   Term 6 – 9 months

 Step 4

   Term 9 – 12 months

 Step 5

   Term 12 – 24 months

 Step 6

   Term > 24 months


-          Interest rates will not change during the deposit tenor.

-          Interest calculated for each withdrawn amount:

Interest = Withdrawn mount x interest rate (step) x time


Interest is paid according to each actual withdrawn amount. Agribank will automatically roll over at the end of the investment term (36 months) unless customers have requested otherwise. New rates and term are subject to Agribank’s regulations on the day of roll-over.




-    Interest rate rises over time so does the interest, max term: 36 months

-    Multiple withdrawals allowed

-    Deposit account can be used to transfer funds for payment


How to apply

Apply at Agribank branches/transaction offices, documents included:

-          Customer account information form

-          Fixed term account opening request or an agreement between customer and Agribank

-          Papers demonstrating that business was established under the provisions of the law

-          Papers proving the lawful representative of the account holder, authorized person, the chief accountant or person in charge of accounting.

-          Tax file number (if any)

-     Deposit agreement

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