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(Updated at 10:23, 15/9/2010)
“Career” card is the name of the card bearing the trademarks of Agribank and Viet Nam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP) which is specialised for students who get loans from VBSP.

Being developed on the background of Success card, apart from the fund disbursement function, the “career” card has all utilities of Success domestic debit card issued by Agribank, i.e., payment for goods and services purchase at EDC/POS; automatic transactions at ATMs of Agribank and other members of Banknetvn-Smartlink nationwide, mobile banking service.

Click here for more information on Agribank Success domestic debit card.

For more information on terms and conditions for issuance of “career” card, please contact your nearest Agribank branch. Click here for the list of Agribank branches and transaction offices.

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