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Negotiation of documents under L/C
(Updated at 11:8, 15/7/2010)
“Negotiation of documents of L/C” is a service offered by Agribank whereby Agribank advances capital for customer upon presentation of documents as stipulated in the L/C. This service applies to business customers operating in international export business.

-    There are two types of negotiation:

o        Negotiation without recourse: Agribank buyout the documents

o        Negotiation with recourse: Agribank will negotiate the documents and can recourse to the customer if the issuing bank refuses to pay or the issuing bank become insolvent




-          Customers can present export documents for negotiation at any Agribank branch

-          High negotiation value; simple, fast discount procedures



-    For negotiation without recourse:
     +    L/C has been confirmed by Agribank
     +    Documents are entirely consistent with the terms and conditions of the L/C
-    For negotiation with recourse:
     +    Issuing bank must be a reputable bank
     +    Traditional markets, exports allowed for export

     +    Customers have accounts and regular transactions at Agribank; being a reliable company,

           in good operation and financially sound.


Special offer


-          When using Agribank export documentary collection service, customers can also use Preferential loans for export activities and other Agribank’s offers.




-          Fees apply according to current Schedule of Fees and Charges of Agribank


Delivery channels


-          Agribank branches/transaction offices.


Technology applied


-          Agribank uses automated accounting system.

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