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International guarantee
(Updated at 17:16, 15/7/2010)
“International guarantee” is a service offered by Agribank whereby Agribank, by reputation, commits to the beneficiary of the guarantee to pay on behalf of Agribank’s customer in case the customer cannot make payment or fulfill payment obligations when due. This service applies to business customers operating in export international business.c



-          Customers will be advised of the best suitable form of guarantee that in conformity with the objectives and capabilities of the Customer

-          Agribank has established correspondent banking relationship with over 1,000 banks worldwide and can gives advice to customers on foreign markets and customers. Customers will get the reliability of partners when guaranteed by a reputable bank.



-          Customers have full civil legal capacity and capacity for civil acts prescribed by law

-          Purpose of the proposal for guarantee is legal

-          Financially sound, having expertise needed to fulfill the obligations as per Agribank’s guarantee

-          Fully meeting the conditions for credit under the provisions of Agribank

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