Code verification under request of Correspondent banks
(Updated at 14:51, 11/8/2010)
Agribank provides correspondent banks with the Code verification service

Main features:


-          Verify code of international payment transactions upon request of correspondent banks.

-          As receive a request accompanied by original L/C, L/C amendment or shipping documents from correspondent banks, the Correspondent Banking Division of Agribank Operations Centre will verify Swift code/Test key on that L/C, L/C amendment or the shipping documents. If it is authenticated, the Correspondent Banking Department sends a notice of confirmation to the correspondent bank; if it is unauthenticated, Correspondent Banking Department sends an investigation message to the sending bank via SWIFT.


Fees: Current terms and conditions of Agribank (see here)


Verification and Confirmation time: within 02 banking days


Distribution channel:


-          Directly register with Correspondent Banking Division, Agribank Operations Centre



-          Code verification conducted on IPCAS system.

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