Giving loans to other financial institutions
(Updated at 16:37, 11/8/2010)

Agribank’s Operations Centre is allowed to use temporally free capital to lend to other financial institutions based on credit line offering to financial institutions approved by General Director for a certain time. In case of exceeding the limit, it needs a written approval of Agribank’s General Director and Chairman of Board of Directors. This service is applicable to financial institutions allowed to operate in both national and international inter-bank market and have transaction limit with Agribank

-    Currency: VND, EUR, USD.

-    Term: overnight, weekly, monthly, per quarter...
-    Interest rate: negotiable based on interest rate movement in the market.
-    Calculator basis: 360 or 365 days


Distribution channel/ Contact:


-          Financial institutions directly contact Agribank’s Operations Centre through FX managing Department




-          Transactions are completed through Reuters Dealing System, fax of telephone…

-          After approved, data will be entered in to IPCAS

-          Profit and stop loss limit in forex dealing of Agribank’s Operations Centre is decided by Chairman of Board of Directors.

-          Credit line offering to other financial institutions will be defined by General Director for each of time.

-          Director of Agribank’s Operations Centre defines transaction limit applicable to FX Department of Agribank’s Operations Centre and each of its officer

-          Transaction principle: safe, effective, subject to FX dealing limit; ensure liquidity of the Agribank and maintain foreign currency balance adapted to the Sate bank’s rule for a certain period.

Applied at Operations Centre of Agribank