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Deposit and withdrawal for non – account holders (Agripay)
(Updated at 9:57, 19/10/2011)
To ultilize this product Agribank non-account holders enable to make deposit or withdrawal at any branches of Agribank.
Main Features

 -    Agribank’s customer (namely non-account holders)  makes the money transfer transaction and then informs the transfer code tothe receiver, the receiver can immediately make withdrawal transaction by this code shown at any Agribank’s branches to get money.

-     Agribank applied a modern IT system which ensure an accurate database, quick and safe transactions made for customer. All personal information are strictly kept confidential

How to apply

 -     Money Trasfer: Customers can advance cash or debit their account, the teller will print out the document with code transfer for the customer.

-    Money Receive: Customers fill in the form given by the bank and must present their ID Card/Passport in order to receive money.


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