Loan guarantee

Created on 15/3/2010
Updated at 12/7/2010

Domestic and foreign enterprises can use “loan guarantee” product, by which Agribank promises to assume the debt obligation of enterprises if enterprises can not make full and timely repayment of the loans to their lenders.

Main features


-          Currencies: VND, foreign currencies

-    Term: short term, medium and long term

-          Loan amount: the guarantee balance shall not exceed 15% of the equity capital of Agribank

-          Security for the guarantee: security deposits, pledged assets, collateral, third-party guarantor, and other means of security as guided by Agribank

-          Guarantee fees: as regulated from time to time; full payment or in partial payments

-          Late payment: a late payment fees will be charged with overdue interest rate not exceeding 150% short term loan interest rate


Delivery channels


Agribank branches/transaction offices or automated channels (E-banking)


Technology applied


Agribank uses automated system (IPCAS) to track customer information, accounts, amounts of interest payment, etc. with the highest security and accuracy.

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