Collection for State budget

Created on 15/3/2010
Updated at 12/7/2010

Customers are organizations of Vietnam or foreign organizations operating in the territory of Vietnam can use the service "collection for state budget" of Agribank. Agribank will make collection of taxes, fees, charges and others payable to the State budget for the customers so as to pay to the State Treasury, Department of Taxation.



-          Simple and convenient procedures

-          With the branch network covering the whole country and modern IPCAS system that allows super fast online bank transfer, Agribank is fully able to meet the requirements of the service: promptly and timely for customers

-          Save transaction time for customers

-          Customers can pay taxes, fees, charges and others payables to the State budget without having to come to offices of the State Treasury and Department of Taxation

-          Currency: VND


How to apply


-          Customers open accounts at branches of Agribank

-          Customers can pay in cash or by bank transfer.


Delivery channels


Agribank branches/transaction offices nationwide


Technology applied


Services are handled and accounted automatically, ensuring the highest accuracy and safety for customers.


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