Agribank remains sustainable development and growth

Agribank is the biggest bank in Viet Nam in terms of fund resources, assets, number of staff, operating network and customer base. As of October 2012, Agribank had the total assets of VND 560,000 billion, total equity of VND 29,605 billion, total fund resource of VND 513,000 billion, total outstanding loans of VND 469,000 billion, total staff of 42,000 people; 2,400 branches and transaction offices; 1,033 correspondent banks in 92 countries and territories and a customer base of over  millions customers...Agribank is a leading bank in Viet Nam in terms of receipt and implementation of foreign projects, especially from the World Bank (WB), Asia Development Bank (ADB), French Development Agency (AFD), and European Investment Bank (EIB). Agribank is currently taking the chairmanship of Asia Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA) in term of 2008 - 2010. Recently, Agribank has been known as a leading bank which provides modern services.

In the context of a profound and comprehensive integration, more severe competition and challenges after Viet Nam entry into the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on 7 November 2006 following which Viet Nam has to fully open the banking and financial market in 2011, Agribank insists on the target towards a strong and modern banking and financial group with reputation in local market as well as international market.
In 2013 and for the coming years, Agribank is to promote the role of the leading bank in the national economic development and the dominant role in agricultural and rural financial market, serving agriculture, farmers and rural areas. Agribank will make great efforts in fund mobilisation from both local and foreign sources, maintain the credit growth at a reasonable level. Agribank will give priority in investment in agriculture, farmers and rural areas especially to farm households with agricultural, forestry, fishery, and salt production and to SMEs which has met the demand for transition to agricultural and rural production. As a result 70% of the total outstanding loans will be in agriculture and rural areas. For maintaining the leading bank providing the modern and high quality products and services, meeting the demand of customers and increasing the noncredit income, Agribank is focusing on renovate and develop banking technology in a modernisation manner. Agribank expects to reach the goals for 2013 as follows: the fund resource increases by 11%-13% compared with 2012, outstanding loand rised by 9%-11%; the rate of loans to agricultural and rural areas is 70%, NPLs below 5%, noncredit income increases by  10%, CAR complies with international standard.

To reach those ends, Agribank will put forth a number of solutions such as: Speeding up the fund mobilisation from different sources for serving agriculture, farmers and rural areas; Enhancing the cooperation and connection with big organisations and enterprises; Set up the progress on implementing the  Agribank re-structure project; Effectively management ; Develop strategy on international cooperation and foreign funded projects. Agribank has completely changed into Ltd Company with 100% capital of State; Pushing up the modernised banking technology to develop the new products and services with high quality to better serve the customers in agriculture, farmer and rural areas, enhance competitive advantage and increase noncredit income; Set up the strategy on high quality human resource; Agribank plans to carry out the project on bussiness development strategy in coming years; develop the promotion strategy for Agribank trade mark etc…continuously affirmed the status and prestige of the largest commercial bank- financial institution in Vietnam.

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