Bills payment of mobile phone subscribers
(Updated at 8:0, 17/9/2010)

This service enables the bill payment for mobile phone subscribers by sending message from mobile phone.


 -         Service number: 8149

-         Currency: VNĐ

-         Limit: Maximum to 2 million VNĐ/transaction and 5 transactions/day

 Fees collection: ok bb

 By the telecom company:

-         Using service No 8149: Each SMS sent to 8149 will be charged 1.000VNĐ.

-         For account transfer: customer is required 2 messages sent to the server for transaction: composing message and confirming the PIN. Telecom company will charge 2.000VNĐ/transaction.

 By Agribank: free of charge.


-         First registration is compulsory (registered customer is not required for this step)

-         After registration, sending a SMS for activation.


- PIN with 8 digits is required.

 Scope of service:

-         Within the country


-         Step 1: Registration at Agribank’s network.

-         Step 2: SMS for activation: VBA DK 4

-         Step 3: set up a password: VBA MK NOP [password]

-         Composing the syntax for account transfer via SMS: VBA TT

     [Provider code][Mobile number/bill reference] then send to 8149

-         Upon receiving a network message requesting PIN confirmation, customer will type PIN and sending message for confirmation.

 Distribution channel:

First registration of customer will be made at Agribank transaction offices


Agribank uses the advanced processing system automatically for safety and accuracy.

Applied at Operations Centre of Agribank